Annual Planning  

Improve business performance with an actionable plan the whole team can get behind.

A story on planning.


A local company, with multiple lines of business, had a long history of assembling their annual plan.  Unfortunately, they also had a history of inconsistent results and missing their goals. 


The company has regional sales managers dispersed across the country which made it difficult to get everyone on board.  They weren't quite sure of the expected goals, so there was little accountability.

SalesCORE worked with them to create a new annual plan.  The plan is only as good as the process.  Our approach was radically different then anything they've done in the past.  We took a deep dive into every aspect of their business and created a plan integrating sales strategy with marketing execution. 

The process includes the basics, including perceived market value, competitive analysis and understanding the customer's wants and needs.  It also expands to the people within the organization that will take own the plan and drive it forward. 

The result is a document that everyone has agreed to and leadership, across all functions of the business, is aligned with.  This collaborative approach that included the sales team, allows everyone to understand the goals, the process, and the accountability system.  It helps with resource allocation and prompted the need for a new pricing strategy.  All of this positions them for a new year of reaching goals and seeing results!

It's October 2019 and they're ready for 2020!  Follow us on their journey.

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