Who We Are

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Pam Beigh



Pam helps businesses and people reach farther.  She has a gift of discovering where the natural strengths are within an organization and then developing them for increased profitability.  Whether it’s creating a strategic sales process, growing sales leaders, filling that pipeline or outlining a business strategy, Pam’s 30 plus years of experience has helped countless businesses in Cincinnati realize their potential.

Pam is working with companies in navigating the new sales frontier. With her lead, the SalesCORE team works through a strategic process where clients are rethinking their entire business approach in a way that transforms the sales culture.


One of Pam’s natural strengths is servant leadership.  She currently serves on the Maketewah Country Club Board and on the Board of Directors for the Goering Center for Family & Private Business. 


Behind every successful business is a Wendy. We just made that up, but there should be!  Wendy’s the one who holds it all together for clients and company alike. She began with SalesCORE as the Executive Assistant and has shifted gears to a client facing role, managing all aspects of client projects.  Over the years, she has seen many companies blossom under the guidance of SalesCORE.

Wendy is an evergreen, continually seeking out opportunities to learn. SalesCORE clients represent a variety of industries and she enjoys that each one is unique.  Helping take a business to the next sales level is rewarding plus there’s always something new to discover.

Wendy Bailey

Project Manager