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Finding Your Way - Developing Emotional Intelligence

Our clients often ask us, “Why should we as leaders develop Emotional Intelligence? 

We wouldn’t be in a leadership roles if we weren't smart people.” 

We encourage leaders, or aspiring leaders, to reflect on how they’re leading.   This reflection evolves into thoughts on whether their leadership approach is constructive and inspirational or destructive and authoritative. 

At SalesCORE, we collaborate with HR Consultant, Dr. Linda Gravett.  Linda provides an EQi assessment to our hiring clients that helps them determine leadership aptitude and then provide additional coaching in this area when it's needed. 

Linda is also co-author of the book "Using Your Emotional Intelligence to Develop Others." In the research for this book, she found that inspirational leaders ask their staff a lot of open-ended questions, listen to the responses, and collaborate to find solutions that make workplace a safe place to learn and grow. 

These questions are referred to as Quality Dialogue Questions.  Examples include:

  • What would you like to see more of around here?

  • What great opportunities do you think we're missing in our organization?

  • What do you think we could do that would make our customers happier?

  • Do you think there's something that our team is afraid to address or talk about?

The dimension of Emotional Intelligence that these questions describe is Empathy:  the ability to care about and relate to other people’s needs and passions. 

Empathy is the desire to help others find their “why”.

Drop me an email if you'd like to learn more about developing emotional intelligence in yourself, your leaders and your organization.

- Pam


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